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19 May 2011

Train Graffiti

12 May 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Syria is about to get fucked up by the US.. and Denmark??

Quick, hand me a grenade. No, not another fucking pastry! Fucking Danish

BREAKING NEWS: Syria is about to get fucked up by the US.. and Denmark??So you know that evil little, Iranian backed, terrorist oozing, country conveniently located just north of Israel? Well I guess the Hilldog has had enough of their shit. Don’t worry though, the US isn’t going in alone. “The United States along with Denmark and other colleagues are going to look for ways to increase the pressure.” Did I just hear Denmark? Nothing against them but when I’m going in to kick some terrorist ass, I want some real countries behind me backing me up. Like, which Danish dude licked Hillary’s puss to get that recognition? Everyone knows its going to be the US and probably some Israeli airstrikes that will tear shit up. Keep to what you do best Denmark: Pastries.

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11 May 2011

Earthquake in Spain Kills 7. Leaves Millions indifferent.

A reveller swims in tomato pulp during the annual "Tomatina" in eastern Spain

Breaking news: An Earthquake (one of over a million that takes place every year ) have left 7 people dead in Spain. Its important that we take some time and grieve when an earthquake disrupts our normal lives, kills countless people and effects the quality of our sushi. This, however, does not fall into that category. The only thing I think about is how random these deaths must have been because this earthquake (somewhere in the 5.whatever range) was decent but by no means disastrous. Like, they just had to be in the wrong place at the wrong time right? Probably in some kitchen appliance store in the knife section, all of a sudden, boom. Earthquake. Knife falls off the wall, lands on man’s head. Dead. I’m not saying this is how it happened, but it must be close. All I’m saying is that there should be a rule that at least 25 people have to be killed by a natural disaster for it to be news. #SpanishEarthquake #NewsSpray

Earthquake in Spain Kills 7. Leaves Millions indifferent.

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